Black and White vs Half Moon

It's NYC vs Utica in a cookie taste test. 
"Look to the cookie," Jerry Seinfeld.

The Black and White (or Half and Half) from William Greenberg Desserts, NYC.
Vanilla and chocolate fondant over a firm sponge cake.
The Half Moon, from Hemstrought's Bakery, Utica, NY.
Fudge and buttercream frosting on a cake base.

Half vs Half
Which was better?
The Central New Yorkers favored the Half Moon, though conceded that the Black and White's  chocolate fondant had a better chocolate flavor. I preferred the Black and White. If the frosting on the Half Moon had been a higher quality buttercream, I might have been swayed. I love a good buttercream!

I flew the test home to LA, to get Severo's opinion.

The Black and White WINS, in our household at least.
Here is a Wikipedia link that goes into detail on the two cookies and their history.


Magnolia Bakery Still Rules the Cupcake World

I'm doing one of those "Post 5 Artworks..." challenges on Facebook [find mine here], and I thought I'd make it more complicated for myself by making blog posts with the art. Each day a different blog. [Yes, I have 5+ blogs. Ack!]

Blog #4 is Dessert Safari [originally Cupcake Safari] created in June 2009. Not sure exactly what compelled me to have this subject split off from The Glutton's Progress -- an art exhibition perhaps? I circle around the concept of a dessert safari as an art project every so often. What does that mean? It's a secret!

For now, have a virtual cupcake:
Anne M Bray, Magnolia Vanilla/Vanilla, Prismacolor pencil on paper, 8x8", ©2010 
Severo recently brought home one of these sweeties and they still taste great. I'm SO glad there is now a branch here in LA at 8389 W 3rd Street x Orlando. In 2010, he'd schlep home a dozen in Tupperware from NYC whenever he had a gig nearby.

OK, now I want a cupcake.


Orange Cake in Vancouver

The best I've ever had!

The frosting is almost as thick as the cake!

159 W Hastings,
Vancouver, BC
8:30am - 5:30pm daily


It's Cupcake O'Clock, 24/7

This had to happen when Society6 added clocks to their printed items:
available here on Society6
Recomposited 12 of the cupcake sketches from 2010 + 11.

Individual cupcake sketches can be seen on my art website here.


The Sprinkles ATM

I had an errand to run in Beverly Hills, and I thought a visit to the Sprinkles ATM would be a nice reward.
I didn't factor in the fact that it was Valentine's Day. Oh well, live and learn.
It was a gorgeous day. Many people had the same genius idea.
Loooooong line for the shop on the right, ATM line on the left.
No line for Sprinkles Ice Cream!
A dapper gent in his V-Day finery.
The ATM!
"Automated Treat Machine"

Delivery of my cupcake
Yes! "Take me home!"
Glamor shot -- The Sprinkles Vanilla/Vanilla
Cross section -- YUM!
I'm going to return -- AT NIGHT -- with The Enabler.
There were some fun elements to the ATM experience that I couldn't capture on such a bright, sunny, and crowded day.
I vote "YES" to the Cupcake ATM experience.


It's Our Sweet Sixteenth AnneSeverosary

You: the sweetest guy ever!
What better way to celebrate then here publicly on Dessert Safari!
You are known in these parts as The Enabler.
As I type this, you are flying home from a gig in NYC, bringing cookies from Pies-N-Thighs. Mmmmmmmmmm. Can't wait!

Last year at this time, we were in NY together and ate our way around the city, as is our want. One of the most memorable experiences was going to ChickaLicious Desset Bar. I don't know if I wrote down what we had, and I certainly can't remember every delicious detail from the photos. So here are a bunch of images, with dollops of text.
from the outside looking in
sit at the bar, like you would at a sushi bar
you can watch how they assemble stuff
 We ordered the three course prix fixe dessert
the amuse bouche - it involved earl grey flavor in one of the layers
Brown Sugar Panna Cotta with Pink Grapefruit Sorbet and Toasted Pistachio
(lifted from current menu, which "changes daily")
apple cake? spice cake?
truffles, shortbread cookies, something covered with coconut
happy gluttons!
ChikaLicious Dessert Bar
203 E 10th St
(between 1st Ave & 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 995-9511
Note: The Dessert Club (across the street) is NOT THE SAME

Here's to you, my sweetie! (Made you blush - hahahaha).
Looking forward to many more desserts with you! xxox


Desserts, I've Had a Few...

Cupcake Safari is now Dessert Safari!

Looks like I wrote only 3 posts last year. This does NOT mean I've stopped eating cupcakes, by any means. I just stopped drawing them and didn't go anyplace new worth writing about. I decided to widen my subject matter to all desserts (like all those desserts have widened me - haha). As was my original plan before I became a devotee of the cupcake cult.

To get started, here is my new favorite Indian sweet: Chum chum (or cham cham)
Per Wikipedia, "The main ingredients are flour, cream, sugar, saffron, lemon juice, and coconut flakes."
Lada spotted it in the fridge at Jay Bharat, our Artesia Digital Goddess hangout.
Must return for more... Sketch-worthy...

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