Conclusion of the March Austin Cupcake Orgy

Nothing like a cupcake cliff-hanger...
I last wrote on March with a "to be continued..."
Life (and the SpyGirl fashion blog) took over. Not that I went on any sort of cupcake hiatus! I just haven't had time to write them up.

So, to continue on the cupcakes we ate in Austin...
Our pal Debonee drove down from Dallas, a rather hellish drive in the rain. After a large feast at The Boiling Pot, and bunch of social activities, we returned to our motel, making a stop at Quack's en route. Quack's makes a "Texas sized" lemon meringue cupcake and we wanted to do a lemon taste-testing. I think maybe they were out and we had to return later... because our tray of sweets was very brown in hue:
I don't remember what flavor that cupcake was... peanutbutter? (I don't like peanutbutter but The Enabler does). In the middle was a cake ball of some sort (fantastic!).
The cookies were: molassas, salty oatmeal (perennial fave), and cranberry pecan (new-to-us, great). We sent Debonee into a real sugar coma (she was having palptations!) but she was able to make it home before her sugar crash.

I spent the next couple of days attending TxSC events. The enabler went shopping for baked goods! We had a tower of bakery boxes by the end of our trip:
One of our carry ons was all food!

And the lemon test?
Clockwise from top:
Quack's Lemon Meringue
Sugar Mama's Hemingway
Hey Cupcake's John Lemon
Sugar Mama's Jack's Lemon
Quack's did not disappoint, the Hey Cupcake was good, but up against tough competition. Sugar Mama's came in with the most lemony (Jack's Lemon) and the most bland (Hemingway -- it was supposed to be lime). Funny how a place can get one so right and another so wrong.