yummy "happy day"

yummy "happy day"
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vanilla/vanilla with sprinkles baked into cake

cupcake prints

My order of various sized cupcake prints came in from Society6 (went with the IDed version) 
I set them all up in the studio to contemplate which one to frame and hang in the upcoming show:
the original drawings (in black sleeves) surround the prints 
the largest (at left) is frightening, if you ask me --
the cupcakes are WAY larger than life 
5" tall and 200% bigger than original 
I'm liking the middle size (MEDIUM at Soc6

Think I'll do a little improvment on this -- going to add larger border
But I guess I'll have to wait until after the show... I'm going to offer them all as "to order"  multiples, and the print size would change with larger border.

cupcakes @ work!

1/4 gone already when I made it to the box
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Suzanne brought in 3 boxes of cupcakes from Yummy Burbank. Many had an Easter theme. My favorite was the Coconut/Vanilla:

so many pretties to choose from!
the "Happy Day" has sprinkles baked into the cake
 don't know what flavor these are...

so much better than donuts!

I snagged the leftovers (red velvet, happy day) to take home to draw.
Once again, I had transport issues (see this post).
The Yummy boxes have a design flaw: holder orifice too shallow.


yummy chocolate covered macaroon

vanilla frosting topped with toasted coconut and chocolate drizzle 
yellow cake with chocolate ganache filling


to ID the cupcakes or not?

which version is better? or offer both?
(this will be a digital print)

click on image to see bigger
tell me what you think!
buy #1 "Cupcake Specimens"


the elusive yummy vanilla/vanilla

I tried my best to get a cupcake to sketch. 
this green frosted one had a terrible tilt to it -- it was the leaning tower of cupcakedom
I returned to Yummy today and after close scrutiny of the Vanilla/Vanillas, I chose a yellow frosted one that looked relatively upright. Alas, when I opened the box at home, it was flipped upside down halfway on the stabilizer tray.
from any angle, it was unsightly

I think the cupcake gods do not want me to do the sketch.


do cupcakes cause insomnia?

"lemon tart" from yummy
they sure do when one has bought 4 and then gone to bed without tasting any!
I had the above with a cup of warm milk and well, I DID eventually fall to sleep.
VERY tasty -- lemon frosting, vanilla cake

field trip to yummy (santa monica)

lemon tart]  [chocolate covered macaroon
strawberry brown sugar]  [vanilla/vanilla