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This cupcake notion gets bigger and bigger...
The last Otis class I took (2004), I started gathering materials to make a "Dessert Safari" calendar. (One of the projects was making a calendar). It was going to feature my favorite desserts to be found in the greater LA area, including maps, recipes and ephemera. That got too complicated for the amount of time that I had so I set it aside.
I'm now taking another class, involving letterpress and silkscreen. We are supposed to make a multiple edition in book format for the class project. For my first typesetting practice, I set Dessert Safari. Then, during the week, I thought... how about "Cupcake Safari"? My first class silkscreen, to be added to the text, is a cupcake. One of my classmates very kindly shared her screen (I found my old screens, but they all have old stencils on them which are not water soluble... need acetone or something equally lethal to remove... or maybe even stretch new silk... no time to deal with it yet) and let me add my cupcake image. Tonight we print!

I'm back on the calendar idea for my "book". I'll do an edition of twelve (twelve months) hand pulled and also make a digital $12 version. I'm going to have some sort of cupcake event (probably @ TAG, my gallery) to promote this... maybe the cupcake tasting party I've been contemplating?

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