cupcakes from buzz (arlington, va)


allow me to wax poetic about the cupcakes at Buzz... AMAZING! I am a convert! Nancy hand delivered six (plus the above guinness in its own special chinese takeout box, no photo available). Every single one was delicious, an outstanding medley of flavors.

My first victim was the vanilla "Buzz Bumblebee" -- a lot of vanilla with a chocolate ganache center (a reverse Hostess chocolate, if you will). Yum... did not share...

next came its opposite, the chocolate with vanilla center... again, all mine, no sharing

then I took a break from the cupcake gluttony for a few days and transported the rest to my friend Annie's, where I DID share with her husband David. (Annie doesn't like cake -- can you imagine?). I didn't get to some of them until even more days later (Annie and I got distracted by my chocolate bar collection and then we made apple pie), but they still tasted great!

red velvet

chocolate and espresso buttercream -- OMGpumpkin and spice? (can't remember)

apple with vanilla and caramel bits -- mmmm

Oh, and the guinness? I was skeptical (I despise beer) but happily delighted. A rich moist chocolaty treat with no beer flavor at all. (thank you Sully @ Buzz!) (and thank you Nancy!!!)

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