frosted cupcakery

we weren't even finished with the magnolia vanilla vanillas and the Enabler brought more cupcakes home

oh, what is the sweet torture this time?

lemon/cream cheese][royal white/vanilla buttercream
royal white/coconut vanilla buttercream][royal white/vanilla buttercream

magnolia vs frosted
can't decide! may I have 2 more?


vanilla: the magnolia specimen was six days old at this point, too hard to judge which was better. the cake on the frosted was more eggy, the icing more something, not sure what (besides fresher)

coconut: even better (as a vanilla) than vanilla. I don't really like sprinkles -- distracting. as a coconut, not enough coconutness to it.

lemon: nice and lemony. still like quack's (austin) the best

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