Desserts, I've Had a Few...

Cupcake Safari is now Dessert Safari!

Looks like I wrote only 3 posts last year. This does NOT mean I've stopped eating cupcakes, by any means. I just stopped drawing them and didn't go anyplace new worth writing about. I decided to widen my subject matter to all desserts (like all those desserts have widened me - haha). As was my original plan before I became a devotee of the cupcake cult.

To get started, here is my new favorite Indian sweet: Chum chum (or cham cham)
Per Wikipedia, "The main ingredients are flour, cream, sugar, saffron, lemon juice, and coconut flakes."
Lada spotted it in the fridge at Jay Bharat, our Artesia Digital Goddess hangout.
Must return for more... Sketch-worthy...

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