The Sprinkles ATM

I had an errand to run in Beverly Hills, and I thought a visit to the Sprinkles ATM would be a nice reward.
I didn't factor in the fact that it was Valentine's Day. Oh well, live and learn.
It was a gorgeous day. Many people had the same genius idea.
Loooooong line for the shop on the right, ATM line on the left.
No line for Sprinkles Ice Cream!
A dapper gent in his V-Day finery.
The ATM!
"Automated Treat Machine"

Delivery of my cupcake
Yes! "Take me home!"
Glamor shot -- The Sprinkles Vanilla/Vanilla
Cross section -- YUM!
I'm going to return -- AT NIGHT -- with The Enabler.
There were some fun elements to the ATM experience that I couldn't capture on such a bright, sunny, and crowded day.
I vote "YES" to the Cupcake ATM experience.

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  1. Hey Anne!
    I am happy to see peoples getting cupcake's from ATM instead of money. Its new way to attract cupcake lovers. Few days ago, I order my boxes from The Custom Boxes. Like this cupcake ATM I wanna try some thing new, suggest me what if I attach flower on a top of cupcake box? Thank you. Wait for your reply.