Black and White vs Half Moon

It's NYC vs Utica in a cookie taste test. 
"Look to the cookie," Jerry Seinfeld.

The Black and White (or Half and Half) from William Greenberg Desserts, NYC.
Vanilla and chocolate fondant over a firm sponge cake.
The Half Moon, from Hemstrought's Bakery, Utica, NY.
Fudge and buttercream frosting on a cake base.

Half vs Half
Which was better?
The Central New Yorkers favored the Half Moon, though conceded that the Black and White's  chocolate fondant had a better chocolate flavor. I preferred the Black and White. If the frosting on the Half Moon had been a higher quality buttercream, I might have been swayed. I love a good buttercream!

I flew the test home to LA, to get Severo's opinion.

The Black and White WINS, in our household at least.
Here is a Wikipedia link that goes into detail on the two cookies and their history.


  1. Yum! I love black and white cookies from NYC! And it is probably one of the best and most memorable episodes of Seinfeld, too! So delicious. Now I am craving on and have no idea where to procure one in these northern reaches of New York State where I reside.

    Thanks for linking up On the Edge of the Week. I hope to see you again this Friday!


    1. If you happen to find yourself in Utica...
      Otherwise, stop by William Greenberg the next time you trek to NYC to restock Shelbee's Shoppe. The large-size Black and Whites come in protective plastic, perfect for transport!
      (apologies for long delay in response!)

  2. The black and white cookies from Bea's Bakery in Tarzana are amazing. Cash or check only, however so hit the ATM on your way. You do not have to fly to New York City for a black and white cookie.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Wendelah! I'll put Mr Glutton on it STAT!

  3. It is so funny that you have shared this post on my link up! And I commented on it almost a year ago. Have we been blogger buddies for a year already? Or perhaps even longer! And I just the other day was thinking, "I could really go for a good black and white cookie right now." But again, where the heck do I get one up in these parts? I am not driving to Utica!