Much to my surprise, the cupcake scout/enabler DROVE from Chicago to his gig in Oshkosh. So "of course" he had to stop in at

Bleeding Heart Bakery before catching his plane home. Out of his "magic bag" appeared 4 veruca salts, 2 ...Holy Moles, 2 Ginger Rogers, and 2 mystery beige ones topped with walnuts yet to be tasted (hoping they're the Butter Poached Caramel Apple). Relieved he didn't get the The Back To School Special : "starring the Half Acre Beer Company (heavily soak devils food cupcakes with bits of pretzels inside, half acre ganache topped with a pretzel stick)." That sounds gross to me (I hate beer). Sometimes the taste experiments @ Bleeding Heart fail (the blueberry with thyme frosting comes to mind... blech, too medicinal).

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