sprinkles truck @ bergamot

this was the instigator from facebook:

Cupcake alarm rang in my head -- Sprinkles Truck @ SMMoA reception! Emailed Severo (who had never partaken of Sprinkles).

I didn't get home until 8:15 so we rushed over to Bergamot before the 9pm endtime. There was a HUGE mob outside the Museum (it felt like a giant cocktail party) that we wove our way through... NO LINE at the truck!

here are the guys in the truck
We got vanilla/vanilla and chai latte $4 ea. ($3.25 @ bakery)

At first, we were going to devour our prey on site... we went over to Track 16 and sat on their bench... opened the vanilla/vanilla and began dissection... then reason prevailed. Me: "This would be easier at home." Severo: "We should really eat our dinner before the cupcakes." (He had picked up pizza @ Joe Peep's in the valley)

here is a closeup of transport container
chai latte still in box (not for long)
Both cupcakes were delicious. The Sprinkles guys said we'd like these better than Magnolia's -- TRUE! Chai Latte is a "Friday only" flavor -- a wonderful take on spice cake. Severo didn't like the sprinkles on the vanilla, not an issue for me.

Sprinkles link
Mobile truck link

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